Akademie BelCanto - Academy of Bel Canto

In cooperation with internationally famous musicians like Alberto Zedda, Raúl Giménez, Kurt Widmer, Lorenzo Regazzo, etc., Rossini in Wildbad established an education program which became an academy dedicated to the study of bel canto in 2004. One of the first workshops was held by a rising mezzosoprano star: the young Joyce DiDonato. Besides offering courses in the style and history of bel canto, the talented young singers work closely with masters in the field and rehearse together.

Call for Audition 2017 Barcelona - view download below.

For further information for all other auditions please contact kbb@rossini-in-wildbad.de  Re: //city//

Check "Current Courses" for the 2017 masterclass.

The auditions will take place

Sat 18 February Barcelona Concertante - closed, no more applications accepted

Mo 20 February Opera di Firenze - closed, no more applications accepted

Sun 26 February Berlin Deutsche Oper - applications will be accepted till Tuesday, 21 February, 6 pm

Sa 4 March Vienna Staatsoper - applications will be accepted till Wednesday, 1 March, 12 pm

All auditions start at 13.30

Please send us your decision WHERE you want to apply for audition as a RE: to this mail. Thank you. We kindly ask you to contribute with 35 Euros per singer for the auditions. The fee has to be paid in advance. We will communicate payment details. The number of singers is limited due to limited capacity of the venues.

Auditions are for

- singers that want to apply for the Belcanto price

- singers that desire a scholarship for Akademie BelCanto.

- singers that want to propose themselves only for a role in the festival (Initiativbewerbung) without agency.

Please indicate your category/ies. Naturally there is no age limit for the ladder, but for the first two categories (age 32f/35m)