Physiotherapy in Bad Wildbad

The aim of physiotherapy is to help the patient regain normal and pain-free movement as far as possible.

Normal movement means that energy expenditure and the range of motion are balanced to make movements smooth and harmonious. To achieve this with targeted individual therapy, the therapist works toward changing poor movement patterns in individual parts of the body and, for example, practicing new movement behaviour patterns in the work environment.

The two core areas of physiotherapy in Bad Wildbad are treatments in thermal waters and dry treatments.

Physiotherapy applications in Bad Wildbad:

  • Physiotherapy - individual treatments in dry conditions and in thermal waters
  • Physiotherapy in the sling table
  • Physiotherapy on a neurophysiological basis
  • Bobath therapy for children and adults
  • Vojta therapy, manual therapy, Maitland therapy, Cyriax therapy, functional kinetics, Brügger therapy, PNF therapy, sports medicine, medical training, osteopathy, hippotherapy, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage