Water Shiatsu

Water Shiatsu (WATSU) is a type of body work in 35° C. warm water that has been developed from Far Eastern Zen Shiatsu. The dynamics of the body in water joined with elements from Shiatsu (Japanese for acupressure) make life energy flow. Gentle stretching and rotations of the vertebrae loosen muscles. The supporting quality of the water takes the pressure from the weight of the body off the spinal column and allows for movement that is not possible out of the water.

The physical and emotional safety that is communicated in a water shiatsu session deepens breathing, nourishes the soul and allows you to experience a unique meditative state. Fears and stress can be reduced and many guests report enjoying the soft flow of life energy in their daily lives for some time after the water shiatsu session.

Water dancing is a form of being in water that extends the water shiatsu experience by using a nose clip to prevent water from entering the nose and allows the person to be moved underwater. A weightless three dimensionality with dolphin-like movements and winding rhythms lets you experience moments of deep relaxation, peace and vitality.

A water shiatsu sessions lasts about 1¼ hours, including consultations before and after. At the end of this fabulous treatment, there should be enough time for further relaxation in the Palais Thermal. For "first-timers" we offer shorter sessions to get to know this kind of relaxation technique.