Wednesday, 23. January 2019

Anti-Stress Bath

Einfach mal abspannen und allen Stress ablegen ...
Einfach mal abspannen und allen Stress ablegen ...
The anti-stress bath speaks for itself. Whoever is tired, suffers from tension and tends to be nervous, is burdened at work and/or at home, should treat themselves to the wellness room of the Palais Thermal.

You can enjoy this soothing aroma bath on the patented soft pack table, thus enhancing your mental and physical wellbeing. Wrapped up on a pre-warmed waterbed, you feel almost weightless as you completely relax your muscles and body.

Before hand, a moisturising cream is applied to the body that contains soothing aromatic oils, such as lavender or chamomile, so that body, mind and soul can find a new balance. While lying on the soft pack table, the whole body is surrounded by a harmonising influence. The circulation is stimulated and the high-quality contents of the aromatic cream can work deep into the skin.