Natural Fango

Healing poultice for your health ... You don't receive a paraffin fango pack with us. We use fango made only from ground and pulverized Kaiserstuhl volcanic rock.

Every pack is prepared freshly with thermal waters and applied hot and moist to your body. It's effect is therefore especially deep and long lasting.

Fango is rich in minerals and we consider it among the most important supplements to movement therapy. As you lie on a soft pack table, almost weightless, the fango pack can help you relax. The warmth of the waterbed-like table enhances the effect on your body.

Special attention is paid in Wildbad to the natural fango treatment, which is rounded out with a nurturing and healing 34° C.-warm exercise bath. Natural fango packs are particularly indicated for the treatment of muscle pain and degenerative joint and vertebra phenomena. They are an excellent preparation for a subsequent massage.