The Black Forest – General Information

Idylle - Dorf im Schwarzwald
Idylle - Dorf im Schwarzwald
The Black Forest is Germany’s largest contiguous low mountain region and lies in the southwest of Baden-Wurttemberg. Most of the area is heavily wooded, and stretches from the Tri-Country Region (Switzerland-France-Germany) along the Upper Rhine lowlands 160 km to the north. In the south it reaches a breadth of up to 60 km, in the north of only up to 30 km.

At the southeastern boundary, the Black Forest ends in the high valley of the Baar River. The northeastern part of the forest adjoins the Swabian-Franconian Nature Park and the north is bounded by the Kraichgau hill country.

The Black Forest lives today primarily from tourism. In spring, summer and autumn many nature lovers seek out the Black Forest.

The southern Black Forest has in the meantime become a nature park. Extensive hiking and mountain bike trails allow various interest groups to use this natural resource.

Winter sports occupy the most attention in the cold months of the year. Downhill as well as cross country skiing is available in many areas.