Wednesday, 22. January 2020

Healing Energy – Something good for Body and Soul

You will encounter water in Bad Wildbad in a great variety of forms. Numerous streams pass through the region around Bad Wildbad, most in a big hurry to flow into the Enz. On the banks of the crystal clear river there are tranquil, romantic paths for taking strolls and hikes.

The peoples of cultures long ago also recognized the great healing properties of water. Today, our beneficial, famous thermal waters flow out of the tap in spring quality, bubbling up from a depth of 600 metres.

The thermal springs have brought many generations health and healing. The effect of the springs was already well-known in the 13th century, causing people tormented by pain to make the journey – then a difficult matter – into the Enz valley. Today, guests will find two large thermal baths, the Vital Therme Spa and the Palais Thermal.